Macchiato 385 rsd
White chocolate mousse with hazelnuts and coffee, espresso and Kahlua insert, crispy almond and sesame praline, caramel sponge, hazelnut and cinnamon cookie

Caramelo peanut 390 rsd
Caramel chocolate mousse, salted peanut caramel praline insert, sable breton cookie, caramel and milk chocolate

Noisette cheesecake 425 rsd
Hazelnut cookie crust, baked mascarpone and milk chocolate cheesecake, hazelnut and milk chocolate mousse

Blueberry pie 385 rsd
Buttery pate sablee, wild blueberries baked filling, hazelnut and almond crumble. Added by wish: Vanilla ice cream

Mango 420 rsd
Tropical fruit mousse, mango compote, black currant financier, pistachio madeleine, passion fruit white chocolate glaze

Pistachio delight 440 rsd
Pistachio and almond praline, pistachio cremeux, white chocolate mousse, pistachio sponge cake

Coco raspberry 380 rsd
Coconut and white chocolate mousse, almond and raspberry crunch, coconut sponge cake, raspberry insert, white chocolate glaze

Triple chocolate mousse 420 rsd
Brownie, 3 shades of chocolate - white, milk with hazelnuts and black, hazelnut and milk chocolate crunch, chocolate ganache glaze

Brownie 430 rsd
Soft chocolate brownie with black and white chocolate and raspberries, Oreo cake with greek yogurt and white chocolate mousse, forest fruits

Nougat crunch 430 rsd
Hazelnut finacier, hazelnut and pailette feuilletine crunch, milk and caramel chocolate mousse, dark chocolate sponge

Kinder 450 rsd
Milk chocolate, hazelnut and pailette feuilletine crunch, white chocolate and mascarpone mousse, milk chocolate and hazelnut cremeux, milk and white chocolate glaze

Fruit tart 440 rsd
Crunchy tart shell with crumble and raspberries, strawberry compote, white chocolate ganache, passion fruit and white chocolate mousse, Ruby chocolate glaze

Cheesecake 395 rsd
Plazma cookies, hazelnut and orange crust, mascarpone cream cheese mousse, forest fruits jelly

Rocher 460 rsd
White chocolate crunch with nougat and paillete feuilletine, gianduia mousseline, nougat filling with baked hazelnuts, milk chocolate, homemade Rocher praline

Framboise 440 rsd
Chocolate sponge cake, Hofburg dark chocolate ganache, creamy raspberry filling, dark chocolate ganache glaze

Plazma 440 rsd
Roasted hazelnut sponge cake, coconut ganache, bavarian cream with Plazma bicuits, wild strawberries, milk chocolate with hazelnuts

Apple pie 360 rsd
Shortcrust pastry filled with caramelised apples with warm spices, hazelnut and cinnamon crumble. Added by wish: Vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce

Cups & Ice cream

Fruit cup 420 rsd

Cherry mania 415 rsd

Banana Split 390 rsd

Plazma cookies shake 360 rsd

Plazma cookies cup 435 rsd

Ice cream scoope 170 rsd

Forest mix 425 rsd

Cream scoope 50 rsd

Banana choco 425 rsd

Fruit plate 620 rsd

Fruit salad 390 rsd

Pineaple portion 510 rsd