Boutique Breakfast 665 rsd
3 eggs sunny side up with peppers, pork prosciutto, Shopska salad, ajvar, mangulica sausage, coutons

Breakfast for two 1060 rsd
Scrambled eggs with turkey breastsalami, halloumi cheese, croutons, breaded chicken sticks, shopska salad and tortilla sandwich

Egg white omelette 570 rsd
Egg white omelette with baby spinach and mozzarella cheese next to bruschetta with guacamole sauce and tomato salsa

Boutique omelette 710 rsd
Omelette with mascarpone cheese and asparagus with salad

Ham and cheese omelette 540 rsd
Ham and gouda omelette with tacos and cheddar sauce

Homemade french toast 520 rsd
French toast stuffed with gouda and turkey breast salami, and potato croutons

Ticking time bomb 675 rsd
Breaded eggs on green salad mix,beef prosciutto, dried tomato and tartufata with cheddar sauce

Full breakfast 570 rsd
Toast, apricot jam, butter, beef prosciutto, gouda and turkey breast salami

Croissant sandwich 510 rsd
Croissant sandwich stuffed with ajvar, egg, turkey breasts salami, gouda, salad mix with quinoa and cherry tomatoes

Granola 645 rsd
Quinoa granola with almond, pineapple, pomegranate, Greek yogurt and Kit Kat crumbs

Farmer Breakfast 530 rsd
Scrambled eggs with smoked sausage and leek, next to pancetta sandwich, gouda,ajvar dressing

Crunchy breakfast 615 rsd
Crispy chicken tenders with pancetta, mini Caesar salad and potato crouton


Pizza Boutique - 32cm 1145 rsd
Sour cream, ham, mozzarella, mushrooms, peppers, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, pork prosciutto

Panzerotti - 32cm 1120 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, beef prosciutto, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and rocket salad

Trio di Carne - 32cm 1225 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, turkey breast salami, chicken, beef prosciutto, sour cream, oregano

Vegeteriana - 32cm 1070 rsd
Tomato paste, zucchinis, bell peppers, red onions, sweet corn, olives, oregano, mozzarella (optional)

Diavola - 32cm 1130 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, pepperoni, bell peppers, sour cream, hot peppers, oregano and olives

Pizza Serbiana - 32cm 1245 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, minced meat fingers, a la kaymak, crispy onion

Capricciosa - 32cm 1070 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, oregano, olives

Margherita - 32cm 945 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, olives

Sei Staggioni - 32cm 1215 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, ham, prosciutto, pepperoni, pancetta, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad, olives

Quattro Formaggi - 32cm 1215 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, gorgonzola, camebert, cheddar, olives

Prosciutto - 32cm 1225 rsd
Tomato paste, mozzarella, pork prosciutto, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, olives


Focaccia Antipasto 1600 rsd
Pork prosciutto, beef prosciutto, pepperoni, gorgonzola, feta cheese, caprese salad, focaccia

Red steak soup 490 rsd
Beef soup

Soup of the day 450 rsd
traditional recipies

Selection of cheeses 1245 rsd
Parmesan, gorgonzola, gouda, mozzarella, feta

Baked bruschettas 750 rsd
Baked bruschetta with beef prosciutto, gouda and olives

Bruschetta mix 740 rsd
Optional bruschetta flavors, served on foccacia


Open sandwich 1340 rsd
Open sandwich with pea mousse and guacamole mousse and marinated salmon

Boutique Club sandwich 800 rsd
Chicken sandwich with pancetta, boiled egg, tomatoes, salad, and gouda cheese with French fries

Crispy Chicken sandwich 790 rsd
Breaded chicken in ciabatta with coleslaw salad, rocket salad in lime dressing and French fries

Bocadillo & Pesto 845 rsd
Ciabatta with pesto, rocket salad, brie cheese, pork prosciutto, butter, tomatoes and French fries

Beefsteak tortilla 1250 rsd
Grilled beefsteak tortilla, cheddar cheese, marinated onions, dressing, salad and french fries

Boutique Pesto tortilla 865 rsd
Grilled chicken with a salad mix, dressings,feta and cheddar cheese, pesto and french fries

Steak sandwich with ceps 1090 rsd
Sauteed beef with ceps in a focaccia with rocket salad, cheddar cheese, wasabi dressing and french fries


Mango salad with tempura chicken 1115 rsd
Salad mix, chicken, peanut butter, beef prosciutto, peppers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, mozzarella, mango and lime dressing

Chicken - avocado salad 1075 rsd
Grilled chicken with avocado, tarator salad and vegetable mix

Caesar salad 1080 rsd
Chicken fillet, pancetta, croutons, salad mix, parmesan, tomatoes, cherry tomato, Caesar dressing

Halloumi salad & chicken 1100 rsd
Salad with grilled halloumi cheese,chicken, grilled vegetables, yoghurt and lime sauce

Crunchy chicken salad 1115 rsd
Salad mix, crispy chicken, cherry tomatoes, olives, gouda, Caesar dressing, lime dressing

Turkey salad 1190 rsd
Chopped turkey on a salad mix, apples, gouda, cranberries and gorgonzola dressing

Healthy Greek salad 1070 rsd
Cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, guacamole, red onions, olives, feta cheese, turkey, oregano, parmesan dressing

Beefsteak Tacos Salad 1355 rsd
Mixed green salads, salsa, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, sweet corn, cheddar sauce, lime dressing and tacos

Boutique Caprese 865 rsd
Mozzarella, tomatoes, rocket salad, peppers, pesto, olives, pine nuts, beef prosciutto

Tuna salad 1070 rsd
Rocket salad mix with peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olives, sweet corn,boiled egg, tuna and lime dressing

Salmon & pumpkin seed salad 1345 rsd
Salmon in pumpkin seeds with salad mix, vegetables and honey and lemon dressing


Quinotto 1275 rsd
Quinoa risotto with cherry tomato, boletus mushrooms and button muchrooms in red sauce and crispy oyster mushroom

Vitamin quinoa salad 1225 rsd
Salad mix with pineapple, apples, quinoa, sweet corn, carrots, avocado and almonds

Flambéed peaches 890 rsd
Peaches, vegetable croquettes

Noodles with gorgonzola and fennel 920 rsd
Rice noodles, fennel, gorgonzola, baby spinach

Pasta & risotto

Tagliatelle chicken and pepper 1135 rsd
Tagliatelle in pepper and parmesan sauce with chicken marinated drumstick

Penne chicken & pesto 1145 rsd
Penne with chicken in pesto sauce and parmesan

Tagliatelle formaggio & pollo 1135 rsd
Tagliatelle in four-cheese sauce (gorgonzola, parmesan, gouda and mozzarella) with crispy chicken

White gnocchi 1215 rsd
Gnocchi with turkey in smoked cheese and beef prosciutto cream sauce, with hazelnut and parmesan

Penne Spicy 1480 rsd
Penne with beefsteak, olives, cherry tomatoes, oyster sauce and peperoncino in Neapolitan sauce

Beefsteak Scalopine with gnocchi 1750 rsd
Beef Scaloppine with gnocchi and mushroom mix in butter and parmesan

Tagliatelle with truffle 1285 rsd
Truffle, cep, sour cream and parmesan sauce

Noodles with salmon 1685 rsd
Rice noodles with cherry tomatoes, fennel, miso paste and salmon

Boutique Risotto 1215 rsd
Chicken risotto, with sun-dried tomatoes, baby spinach and parmesan cream

Fried rice with shrimp and pineapple 1460 rsd
Thai fried rice with shrimps, pineapple, spring onions, spinach and egg, in a spicy soy sauce and oyster glaze

Creamy Risotto 1570 rsd
Beefsteak risotto, mushrooms, ceps, dried tomatoes and parmesan

Risotto mascarpone with turkey 1230 rsd
Risotto in a mascarpone cream with turkey fillet, baby spinach and almond flakes

Main dishes

Serbia VS Mexico 2950 rsd
Beefsteak in tempura, pork skewers, minced meat fingers, grilled sausage, pork ribs, french fries, 5 types of salsa

BBQ Mexico ribs 1340 rsd
BBQ pork ribs with baby potatoes, baby spinach, sweet corn and red beans

Stuffed kebab 1325 rsd
Kebab stuffed with beef prosciutto and cheddar cheese, with homemade potatoes, onion rings, tomato salsa and marinated onion

Homemade BBQ 1315 rsd
Minced meat fingers and sausage with cheese, baby potatoes, tomato salsa, parmesan dressing, marinated onions and onion rings

Beer plate 2310 rsd
Chicken wings in tempura, grilled sausages, sausage with cheese, minced meat fingers, polenta with bacon, onion rings

Pork skewers 1340 rsd
Pork chop, polenta in bacon, onion rings, parmesan dressing, sweet chili salsa

Turkey with cheddar sauce 1600 rsd
Grilled turkey with baby potatoes, cherry tomato, olives, rocket salad, cheddar sauce andbeef prosciutto crisps

turkey with vegetable croquettes 1360 rsd
Turkey fillet with vegetable croquettes, guacamole and gorgonzola dressing

Pollo Bianco 1340 rsd
Chicken fillet in a mushroom sauce with beef prosciutto, smoked cheese and parmesan - hazelnut gnocchi

Wok chicken 1220 rsd
Chicken fillet, vegetable mix, soy sauce, oyster sauce, basmati rice

Chicken drumstick and cheddar 1295 rsd
Marinated chicken drumstick with salad, potato balls with spring onions, baby spinach andcheddar cheese

Kruger 1370 rsd
Croissant burger with cheddar cheese, pickles, baby spinach and tomato with fruit ketchup and French fries

Burger little Italy 1340 rsd
Mini beef burgers with three flavors

Pulled pork burger 1230 rsd
Slow roasted pulled pork burger, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, coleslaw salad and French fries

Black angus burger BQ2 1690 rsd
Double black angus burger with Miroč cheese, yoghurt dressing, salad mix and baby potatoes in cheddar sauce with Jerusalem artichoke crisps and fruit ketchup

Black Pepper Beafsteak 2700 rsd
Beefsteak with grilled vegetables, baby potatoes and peppercorn sauce

Beefsteak in oil 2700 rsd
Flavored beefsteak with romana stuffed dough

Tagliate steak in flavored oil 2700 rsd
Tagliate beefsteak with rocket salad, mashed parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke crisps with aromatic oil

Smoked trout with potatoes 1315 rsd
Smoked trout fillet with homemade potatoes, baby spinach, olives and cherry tomatoes

Stuffed salmon 2435 rsd
Salmon stuffed with baby spinach, feta cheese and dried tomatoes, with green salad mix and boiled vegetables

Honey salmon 2435 rsd
Grilled salmon, with sweet potato puree and honey salad

Shopska salad 480 rsd
Tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, onion, feta cheese

Mix green salads 430 rsd
Rocket salad, baby spinach, iceberg salad, Lola Rosa salad, with aceto balsamico

Rocket - parmesan salad 545 rsd
Rocket salad, parmesan, cherry tomatoes, with aceto balsamic

Side dishes & salads

Grilled vegetables 420 rsd

French fries 220 rsd

Olives 310 rsd

Optional sauce 180 rsd

Tomato salad 370 rsd

Mini pastry 70 rsd

Pastries 120 rsd

Focaccia 195 rsd

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