Bajadera 455 rsd
Nougat with roasted hazelnuts, white chocolate with hazelnuts and almonds

Triple chocolate mousse 490 rsd
Brownie, 3 shades of chocolate - white, milk with hazelnuts and black, hazelnut and milk chocolate crunch, chocolate ganache glaze

Pistachio delight 495 rsd
Pistachio and almond praline, pistachio cremeux, white chocolate mousse, pistachio sponge cake

Coco raspberry 450 rsd
Coconut and white chocolate mousse, almond and raspberry crunch, coconut sponge cake, raspberry insert, white chocolate glaze

NY hazelnuts cheesecake 480 rsd
Cookie base, baked mascarpone cream with hazelnuts, white chocolate and hazelnut mousse

Brownie 495 rsd
Soft chocolate brownie with black and white chocolate and raspberries, Oreo cake with greek yogurt and white chocolate mousse, forest fruits

Kinder 510 rsd
Milk chocolate, hazelnut and pailette feuilletine crunch, white chocolate and mascarpone mousse, milk chocolate and hazelnut cremeux, milk and white chocolate glaze

Rocher 530 rsd
White chocolate crunch with nougat and paillete feuilletine, gianduia mousseline, nougat filling with baked hazelnuts, milk chocolate, homemade Rocher praline

Plazma 520 rsd
Roasted hazelnut sponge cake, coconut ganache, bavarian cream with Plazma bicuits, wild strawberries, milk chocolate with hazelnuts

Crispy tonka 465 rsd
Crispy layer with French biscuit, milk chocolate with tonka beans, forest fruits with black currant,white chocolate

Cheesecake 465 rsd
Plazma cookies, hazelnut and orange crust, mascarpone cream cheese mousse, forest fruits jelly

Framboise 485 rsd
Chocolate sponge cake, Hofburg dark chocolate ganache, creamy raspberry filling, dark chocolate ganache glaze

Tiramisu 435 rsd
Mascarpone mousse with Baileys, Kahlua, homemade biscotti soaked in espresso, Belgian cocoa

Cups & Ice cream

Rocher cup 540 rsd

Plazma biscuits cup 490 rsd

Banana choco 460 rsd

Coco raspberry cup 530 rsd

Icecream Gram 1 flavour 190 rsd

Icecream Gram 2 flavours 320 rsd

Icecream Gram 3 flavours 450 rsd

Fruit plate for two people 725 rsd

Pineapple portion 545 rsd

American style pancakes 600 rsd

Restaurant BOUTIQUE | locations

Boutique 1

Trg republike 3
+381 11 26 21 373

Boutique 2

Knez Mihailova 52a
 +381 60 31 30 178

Boutique Trojka

Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1ž
+381 60 31 30 317