Boutique Breakfast 530 rsd
3 eggs sunny side up, homemade ajvar, mangalitsa sausage, French fries, small shopska salad

Fitness omelette 595 rsd
Omelette with pancetta, zucchini and mozzarella on whole wheat bread and guacamole sauce

Shake me breakfast 595 rsd
Crispy chicken fingers with French fries and fresh salad with Caesar dressing

Scrambled eggs & Coleslaw 595 rsd
Scrambled eggs with turkey breast salami, coleslaw salad, hot sandwich and breaded cheese

Complete breakfast 505 rsd
Beef prosciutto, turkey breast salami, cheese, butter, jam, whole wheat toast

White egg omelette 505 rsd
Egg white omelette with fresh mozzarella, beef prosciutto and tomato paste

Romesco rolls 520 rsd
Crispy rolls stuffed with cheese, mozzarella and baby spinach, with Romesco sauce

B3 Rolls 530 rsd
Fresh crescent rolls stuffed with ham & gouda cheese with ajvar

Cheesy polenta 420 rsd
Polenta with feta cheese and crispy bacon

Caprese breakfast 505 rsd
3 eggs, avocado and Caprese salad

Healthy Breakfast 395 rsd
Cold pudding made of oat flakes, with fruit and mixed nuts

Breakfast for two 1050 rsd
Scrambled eggs with prosciutto, mangulitsa sausages, breaded cheese, French fries, shopska salad and hot sandwich

Homemade toast 530 rsd
French toast with prosciutto and mini shopska salad

Yogurt 140 rsd
Pro Balans


Margherita 790 rsd
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, basil

Capricciosa 860 rsd
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives

Bacon Double Cheese 860 rsd
Tomato sauce, pancetta, four type of cheese, peppers and olives

Prosciutto B3 1010 rsd
Tomato sauce, prosciutto, parmesan, baby mozzarella, arugula salad and balsamic vineger

Manuri Manouri 880 rsd
Pizza with manouri cheese, baby spinach and pancetta crisps

Toro Calzone 900 rsd
Sour cream, tomato sauce, ham, button mushrooms, mozzarella, prosciutto and rocket salad

Mortadella & Burrata 1395 rsd
Pizza with fine Italian burrata, mortadella, pistachios and basil

Caesar Pizza 920 rsd
Chicken, iceberg salad, crispy bacon, caesar dressing, parmesan

Diavola 900 rsd
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chorizo, sour cream, green peppers, pepperoncino, olives

Sei Stagioni (6 flavors) 900 rsd
Tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, rocket salad, parmesan, cherry tomato, gorgonzola, chorizo and ham

Kuver 160 rsd
Warm bread with pesto spred


Red Beefsteak soup 395 rsd
Homemade beefsteak soup with vegetables

Pottage - soup of the day 350 rsd
Fresh soups prepared daily - traditional recipes

Antipasto for two 1645 rsd
Rustic focaccia, chorizo, prosciutto, cheese mix, olives, Caprese salad, bruschetta and dressings

Cheese on board 1375 rsd
Camembert, Truffle, Pecorino, Gorgonzola

Prosciutto on board 1200 rsd
Beef prosciutto, pork prosciutto

Crostini 530 rsd
Baked bruschetta with beef prosciutto, olives and Gruyere cheese topping

BBQ halumi 685 rsd
Grilled halloumi cheese with grilled vegetables and yogurt dressing

Beef tartare & truffles 1530 rsd
Beef tartare with mild white truffle taste with flavored butter and toast bread

Bruschette Mix 530 rsd
Bruschette with four flavors

Premium starters for two 2190 rsd
Rich appetizer with fine French cheeses - Comte, Saint Agur and Camembert Spanish prosciutto - Serrano andLomo prosciutto

Sandwiches & Wraps

Boutique Club sandwich 750 rsd
Ciabatta with chicken, dressing, pancetta, salad, boiled egg,tomato and French fries

Tuna sandwich 655 rsd
Ciabatta sandwich with tuna and vegetables with rocket salad

Texas Cheesesteak sandwich 1095 rsd
Ciabatta sandwich with grilled beefsteak, mozzarella, gouda, vegetables and salsa with French fries

Toast sandwich 580 rsd
Hot sandwich with two types of cheese, ham and crispy pancetta

Boutique tortilla 750 rsd
Griled chicken with tzatziki sauce, salad mix, pesto dressing, cherry tomato and French fries

Beefsteak tortilla 1095 rsd
Grilled beefsteak with prosciutto, gouda, marinated onions, salad, dressing and French fries

Mortadella pizza sandwich 750 rsd
Sandwich with Italian mortadella sausage, mozzarella and corn salad

Quesadilla Boutique 725 rsd
Chicken, gouda, coleslaw salad, sweet, Caprese salsa, Greek yogurt and lime


Boutique Caprese 765 rsd
Salad with mozzarella, rocket salad, peppers, prosciutto, pine nuts and pesto dressing

Salmon & pumpkin seeds 1095 rsd
Salmon with pumpkin seeds, salad mix with vegetables and honey dressing

Manouri salad 765 rsd
Manouri cheese on a crispy salad with wild strawberries, orange,baby spinach and quinoa

Mango salad with tempura chicken 930 rsd
Chicken fillet with peanut butter, salad mix, prosciutto, peppers, baby mozzarella, mango and lime dressing

Vitello tonnato 1190 rsd
Piedmontese dish of cold sliced veal covered in creamy tuna sauce with rustic black olive salad and Sicilian capers

Beefsteak Tacos salad 1190 rsd
Salad mix with beefsteak, salsa, vegetables, guacamole, marinated onion, cheddar cheese and nachos

Turkey ranch salad 925 rsd
Turkey in a crispy basket with ranch dressing & mixed greens

Crispy chicken salad 865 rsd
Iceberg, rocket salad, gouda, celery stick, cherry tomatoes, panko chicken and lime dressing

Caesar salad by B3 865 rsd
Salad mix, cherry tomato, bacon, chicken fillet, croutons, Caesar dressing, parmesan

Salads & side dishes

Shopska salad 350 rsd

Rocket parmesan salad 435 rsd

Cherry tomato salad 355 rsd

Mixed greens 360 rsd

Grilled vegetables 520 rsd

Risotto with vegetables 505 rsd

French fries Q3 320 rsd

Optional sauce 230 rsd

Pasta Time

Ravioli di ricotta con gamberi 1195 rsd
Stuffed ravioli with vegetables, ricotta and Sicilian garnish

Boscaiola 900 rsd
Creamy kasarece with prosciutto, edamame and porcini mushrooms

Conchigle con ricotta e prosciutto 935 rsd
Clams on parmesan cream, butter, ricotta with asparagus and prosciutto crisps and cherry tomatoes

Penne Spicy 1195 rsd
Penne Neapolitan with beefsteak, mozzarella and oyster sauce, olives, chili and rocket salad

White Gnocchi 1020 rsd
Gnocchi with turkey, prosciutto, gorgonzola, cheddar cheese and hazelnut in white sauce

Gnocchi & spinach 840 rsd
Gnocchi with chicken in creamy spinach sauce

Penne with chicken & pesto 820 rsd
Penne with chicken, pesto, hazelnuts and parmesan

Tagliatelle alla Carbonara 875 rsd
Tagliatelle in carbonara sauce

Ravioli with ricotta & truffles 1280 rsd
Ravioli with ricotta cheese, truffles, beefsteak sticks in parmesan cream

Baked pasta with manuri cheese 895 rsd
Stuffed clams with manouri cheese on San Marzano tomato jam and parmesan chips


Pollo & Saffron 870 rsd
Risotto with chicken, vegetables, butter and saffron

Risotto B3 945 rsd
Creamy risotto with chicken, porcini and dried tomato

Quinotto 860 rsd
Quinoa with vegetables and grilled halloumi cheese

Risotto san marzano 835 rsd
Creamy risotto with ricotta, San Marzano tomato paste and cherry tomato confit

Boutique & BBQ

Burger Little Italy 1095 rsd
Mini beef burgers - three flavors

California Cheeseburger 1190 rsd
Beef burger, tomato, pancetta, rocket salad, cheddar cheese and dressing

Pulled pork burger 1040 rsd
Spicy burger with slow cooked pork ribs & onion rings

BBQ Ribs 1390 rsd
Marinated pork ribs in spicy sauce with flavored puree

XXL Crisp Cheese Burger 1290 rsd
Double cheeseburger with breaded cheese and French fries

Ribs and fries 1590 rsd
Grilled ribs with baby potatoes, feta cheese and prosciutto

Burger Wellington 1190 rsd
Beef burger in butter buns with baby potatoes, marinated onions and pickles

Homemade BBQ 1040 rsd
Skadarlija - style minced meat fingers, bacon rolled plums and sausages on kaymak

BBQ for two 2180 rsd
Minced meat fingers, pork ribs and chicken drumstick mix with Catalan potatoes and kaymak

Main Dishes

Sicilian chicken 1170 rsd
Chicken fillet with gnocchi, prosciutto, cherry tomato salsa in pesto - parmesan sauce

Chicken bianca 1190 rsd
Baked chicken with bechamel sauce on creamy spinach puree, potato croquettes and quinoa crunch

Sichuan drumstick 980 rsd
Marinated drumstick with spicy noodles and vegetables

Turkey steak with pistachios 1375 rsd
Turkey fillet baked with pistachios on a flavored puree with parmesan, corn salad and romesco salsa

Steak in parmesan crust 2190 rsd
Rump steak in a crispy parmesan crust on sautéed vegetables

Tacchino with mozzarella 1345 rsd
Turkey fillet with mozzarella on carrot cream, edamame and panko carrots

Chicken wok 980 rsd
Chicken fillet in a spicy sauce with vegetable mix and crispy rice balls

Beefsteak in oil 2270 rsd
Beefsteak medallions in olive oil with stuffed pizza dough

Chicken parmigiana 1200 rsd
Breaded panko chicken with parmesan, on a puree with cheddar cheese, tomato jam, mozzarella and corn salad

Parmigiano Dry-age Ramstek 2085 rsd
Rump steak served with honey salad mix and brie cheese

Beefsteak with spices 2400 rsd
Beefsteak on truffle puree with spices

Steak saint agur 2485 rsd
Steak on celery cream and hazelnut butter on sauteed asparagus and flavored Saint Agur cheese

Burata Q3 1300 rsd
Burrata on cornsalad, aged balsamic and cherry tomatoes

Fish & Co

Salmon & Shrimp 2080 rsd
Grilled salmon with shrimp sauce and spinach risotto

Salmon on a crispy salad 2080 rsd
Crispy salmon on a salad of beets, cabbage, purple onions and sauteed zucchini with mascarpone

Sea bream 1815 rsd
Sea bream fillets on mashed potato, baby spinach, Sicilian capers and sun-dried tomatoes

Ahi tuna & salad 1860 rsd
Tuna with baby salad mix, carrots, edamame and lime dressing

Verde sea bass 1740 rsd
Sea bass fillets on flavored pea puree, Sicilian capers and rice crisps

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