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Yet another restaurant within the BQ group. Opened in 2017., it is a leading restaurant in the capital that provides a wide repertoire music wise. Additionally, what sets this restaurant apart from the other ones within the chain, is the Asian cuisine that found its place in our menu.

Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 1ž

+381 60 31 30 317





Boutique Academy is a unique academic program for bartenders, waiters and chefs. It’s high time you used the opportunity to perfect your knowledge and skills, completely free of charge! In addition to continuous tempts to advance the quality of our business and widen our work range within the territory of Belgrade

Boutique Academy is opening its doors for eager bartenders, waiters and chefs along with a guaranteed job afterwards!

Additional Services

Catering & Confectionery

We provide services of complete catering, including cakes, for every kind of private celebrations: Birthdays, corporate events, anniversaries…

Private Events

Our interior might just be a perfect choice for your private or corporate happening, along with the highest hospitality standards

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